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Micro Mini Sheepadoodle Breed Information

Sheepadoodle Characteristics

The micro mini F1B sheepadoodle is a mix of an F1 sheepadoodle and a toy poodle. The micro mini sheepadoodle can vary in size to a small degree depending on the size of the Dam (F1 doodle) and sire (toy poodle). The F1B micro mini sheepadoodle may also vary in color and coat texture, with the daddy being credited for most of these specific conformations.

Average Size a Micro Mini

There is not a great size range with our micro mini sheepadoodles. Ten Oaks Doodles specializes in raising micro mini sheepadoodle puppies with an average weight of 18 pounds or under, although we never know for certain until the puppies are born.     

Sheepadoodle Coat Characteristics

The micro mini sheepadoodle is considered to have a non-shedding coat, due to an F1B cross, 75% poodle, 25% doodle,  producing more of the poodle gene. For this reason, a sheepadoodle will have more of a curly coat appearance. This micro mini sheepadoodle cross will produce a wider variety of colors than an F1 cross, due to breeding poodle color genes from both parent's side. The black and white colors are the most traditional, sable tri-color of tan and white markings, solid chocolate, black, cream, or even white, phantom, and the blue merle (which is highly sought after) are all colors that might be produced. Most micro mini blue merle sheepadoodles have striking blue eyes.


The micro mini sheepadoodle is a recommended breed for those that suffer from allergies, due to their curly coat being more appealing due to less shedding.     

Sheepadoodle Temperament

The micro mini sheepadoodle can be active and somewhat high-strung and energetic. Similar to a toy poodle, they are great with families, very loyal, and affectionate.   

Training Your Sheepadoodle

Micro mini sheepadoodles are very intelligent, making them fairly easy to train and communicate with. As with any puppy, bad habits can develop if neglected, therefore it is recommended to start training at an early age and stay consistent. At Ten Oaks Doodles, we start the training process early so puppies have a good start when there are ready to go to their new homes. 

Health of Sheepadoodles

The F1B micro mini sheepadoodles are a smaller hybrid cross and are more likely to be healthier than their parents and will not have any of the problems larger dogs can have. Our adults at two years old, are Hip and Elbow certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) as well DNA tested for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)


The F1B micro mini sheepadoodle loves to run, play, and bounce.  A moderate amount of exercise is generally sufficient to keep your sheepadoodle happy.

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