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Sheepadoodle & Aussiedoodle Breeder in Iowa


Why Choose Ten Oaks Doodles?

Located in Southern Iowa, where our Sheepadoodle puppies are raised in a loving family setting where they are well socialized with our grandchildren and have a happy dog life! Here, you will find only the best micro mini sheepadoodles and mini Aussie doodles. Our puppies are bred to have the best characteristics of temperament and health. We do this to ensure we are taking all steps to produce the best dogs for the new owner.  Currently, we offer the micro mini Sheepadoodle, the mini Aussie doodle, and At Ten Oaks Doodles, our logo states “Premium Doodles-Family Raised”. We focus on giving our adult dogs and puppies the highest quality of life. This gives us the opportunity to have hands-on with all our pets. We do not condone puppy mills. Each of our dogs are family-raised from birth until they get to their new home. We sell our micro mini sheepadoodle puppies as companions only. We do have a spay and neuter contract with our health guarantee, we feel this is best for our little ones' quality of life.  We are a closed kennel, as puppies have low immunity, and do not want any diseases brought in.  

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F1B Micro Mini Sheepadoodles

F1B Micro Mini Sheepadoodles

What is a Micro Mini Sheepadoodle?

Our micro mini’s are F1b cross, which is a cross between our doodle girl and miniature poodle boy. At 14-22 lbs , this is a great size for families who enjoy traveling or want an indoor pet. This is the smallest size of the sheepadoodle. As a hypoallergenic, non shedding companion, they can be varied colors, black and white, cream, blue merle, chocolate, or a parti mix. We have been breeding for 4 years to get this beautiful mix of colors. With the variety of colors, our F1B micro mini sheepadoodle puppies are one of a kind. 

The sheepadoodle typically produces a healthier individual than the purebred parents. These little doodles are intelligent since poodles are almost genius. They are very easy to train and are usually nonshedding because the Old English Sheepdog’s abundant coat is actually wool - not fur, and the poodle with their curly coat are considered hypoallergenic. Our F1B micro mini sheepadoodle makes a great exercise companion. Very easy to travel with and usually friendly with other animals, these puppies will quickly become your new best friend. Our micro mini doodles are so cuddly, with their size range being 22lbs or under, making them great for any home. See our available puppies so you can enjoy the love these little ones have to give.

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 Mini Aussiedoodle Puppies

Mini Aussiedoodles

Our Mini Aussiedoodle is a gene pool mix of an Australian Shepard and a miniature Poodle. Usually having a mature weight of 14 lbs to 22 pounds, with a variety of colors, merle, chocolate merle, tan, silver, and chocolate, these dogs are beautiful! No two will ever look exactly the same. Their fur can vary from tightly curled to wavy. These little doodles are known to be one of the smartest dogs on the planet! They seem to be able to read their owner's minds. It’s the intelligence and temperament that seem to be what is appreciated with this unique breed. Our little   Mini Aussiedoodle puppies have quickly become very sought after, with their loving, affectionate, and fun personalities. They will make great exercise companions, love traveling, and are great indoor pets. Some of the Aussie doodles have become service companions and therapy pets for their owners.

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